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The Mission

To aid and relieve any persons or community after a natural disaster.

To accomplish this mission we are enlisting the support of local communities and community groups who are interested in volunteering.

The purpose of this program is to have a structure in place to distribute food, water, and supplies around the state and region as relief for natural disasters.

This will be organized by getting a list of distribution centers that are willing to participate, incase of a Hurricane or other natural disaster. These host centers will not be directly affected from the disaster and will be able to accept a semi truck parked at their location within 24 to 48hrs with food, water, and Ice.

The food, water, and ice will be free of charge as well as the delivery. After delivery, we would need volunteers to distribute supplies as it arrives. These supplies and relief would be for the community affected.

To begin in this program, we would need a list of volunteers centers and contact numbers for the centers.

Thank you